When ensuring the security of occupants of your law enforcement vehicle, belt and seat systems need to be functioning properly. Any weakness or faultiness of the systems can lead to far greater issues with occupants. Inspections and preparations can be a very tedious and time consuming process, so here are a few notes to consider.


Belt systems weakness


If the belts seem weak, or are not holding properly when seated inside of the vehicle, there’s likely an issue with the buckling system. This can simply be from wear and tear over time, or could be the result of faulty install.

In either case, being aware of this when your vehicle is occupied is a necessary precaution, while it should then be later handled in an inspection.


What our systems do differently


Our systems value officer safety, with allowing for occupants to be strapped in without reaching across them. This is preventative of physical altercations or any wasted movements, maintaining the safety of both the officer and the suspect.


Our ABS material is durable and easy to maintain, allowing inspection and preparation processes to be much easier. Also, this leaves more time for officers to take care of other things, and give more of their time to the task at hand.


Call us today to learn more information, and increase vehicle inspections efficiency in the long term.