Window Armor and Screens

Armored Window Screens for optimal officer protection

Window armor and screens are essential elements to your vehicle’s safety measures. Our Laguna 3P armor and screens are available in steel mesh or solid polycarbonate with options to combine both screens for optimal protection.

Our Laguna 3P armored window screens are engineered with a relentless commitment to officer safety. Crafted from high-strength steel with a sleek black powder coat finish, these window barriers offer an unparalleled combination of visibility and protection. The smooth surface and punch square design not only enhance the aesthetics but also serve a crucial purpose—providing officers with optimal visibility from the outside while preventing windows from being kicked out during critical situations.

Benefits of Window Armor

Window barriers provide maximum visibility and protection from windows getting kicked out out and possible escape attempts

Designed with a high strength steel with a black powder coat finish

Smooth surface

Punch square design to provide easier visibility for officer to see through from the outside of the vehicle

Designed for quick and easy installation

The benefits of Laguna 3P window armor extend beyond conventional security measures. These screens act as a formidable deterrent, thwarting escape attempts and ensuring the safety of law enforcement personnel. The dual options of steel mesh and solid polycarbonate allow for customization, catering to specific security needs. Whether you choose one or a strategic combination of both, our armor ensures a robust defense against potential threats.

Furthermore, the design prioritizes easy installation, recognizing the urgency of outfitting vehicles with enhanced protection promptly. Laguna 3P sets the standard for armored window screens, providing law enforcement with a vital layer of defense without compromising visibility or convenience. Your officers deserve the best, and Laguna 3P delivers.

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