Police partitions are parts of a police vehicle that work to separate the back seat from the front of the car where the police offer sits. The importance of this type of security is that if the detainee were to somehow escape their handcuffs, they still won’t be able to harm the officer in the front. However, there are many parts to a police partition. These parts include prisoner seating, belt systems, window armor and screens, door covers, and floor covers.


The importance of police partitions

We at Laguna 3P are proud to be able to offer all of these products to our customers and our first protocol is always officer safety. We keep this in mind during every stage of design and manufacture. We have also kept our focus on our core line of products to consistently deliver the best transport seating in the industry and we source the highest quality materials for longevity in the field. Additionally, we have continually found ways to advance our seatbelt system to make it easier for officers to use, and it is one of the top seatbelt retractors offered on the market. Our team is always looking to consistently improve our product line and give our first responders the highest quality, safe-to-use transport products.

  • prisoner seating (specifically designed to be most effective in police vehicles)
  • belt systems (work to effectively restrain prisoners)
  • window armor and screens (steel mesh or solid polycarbonate with the option to combine the screens)
  • door covers (slide over existing OEM doors and fit perfectly for easy door closure)
  • floor covers (drop-in installation that seamlessly cover backseat floors with molded floor covers)

If you have any further questions regarding the importance of police partitions, the products that we offer, or if you would like to request additional information about the products we make and/or patent, please contact us!