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What are the most useful functions of a plastic prisoner seat?
While cleanup is an important function of a plastic prisoner seat, other possibly more important features include: increased leg room allowing a detainee to be placed in the vehicle with less effort and more control; a sealed seating environment which keeps a detainee from sliding back and forth on the seat. Another important benefit is the ability to clean and disinfect the seating surface which helps an officer avoid contact with body fluids that can present a biohazard.
How do plastics seats work with the seat belt systems available in police vehicles?
You can use a plastic seat either with the factory installed belt system or an alternative belt system. If you use the factory belt system, you are still faced with the obvious drawbacks: your officer will still need to lean over the detainee to fasten the belts, exposing the officer to head-butts, biting, etc.

There are several alternative belts systems available. Currently only the Laguna 3P and Ready Buckle offer alternative seat belt system that meet ALL of the mandatory federal standards for this type of system. Be very thorough when investigating alternative belt systems. If they claim to meet all federal mandatory standards – get that in writing. Using a system that does not meet all of the federal standards may result in the vehicle losing it is Federal Vehicle Certification which can result in liability exposure for the department.

The Laguna belt system allows an officer to fasten both the lap and shoulder belt from outside the car. This means the officer only needs to put their forearm in the vehicle to secure the detainee.

How can I justify the costs of plastic seats to my city, county or state administrators?

In virtually every case, the cost of the seats can be justified by the improved efficiency of the transport function. Specifically:

  1. Greatly improved officer safety, with no danger of needle sticks or cuts that can occur when searching under factory seats
  2. A reduction in liability claims from prisoners being thrown from side-to-side during transport
  3. The ease of cleanup and reduction in officer exposure to potential bio-hazards. Additionally, the seat may be transferred to a replacement vehicle when the original vehicle is removed from service. This allows the cost of a seat to be amortized over the life of two or more vehicles.
Patrol equipment takes some rough use. Does laguna offer any kind of warranty?

Yes. Laguna has the best warranty in the business. Our “No Small Print” warranty covers the seat for a minimum of FIVE YEARS from date of purchase. The only exclusion from coverage is if the vehicle is wrecked, period.

How long has Laguna been making seats and equipment for law enforcement?

Laguna has been serving the law enforcement community since 1992.

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