3P Law Enforcement Transport Equipment

We provide quality prisoner transport restraint systems & police car accessories for safer and easier transporting of detainees

Our first protocol is officer safety. We keep this in mind during every stage of design and manufacture. At Laguna3P we have kept our focus on our core line of products to consistently deliver the best transport seating in the industry and we source the highest quality materials for longevity in the field.

25 years ago, we designed the first ever outboard buckling system in the public safety industry. Over the years we have continually found ways to advance our seatbelt system to make it easier for officers to use, and it is one of the top seatbelt retractors offered on the market.

We believe that when it comes to everyone’s safety, there are no shortcuts. We take pride in our Ready Buckle system having prevented many unnecessary injuries to officers.

Our team is always looking to consistently improve our product line and give our first responders the highest quality, safe to use transport products.


Today we still manufacturer the most advanced outboard buckling seatbelts for police vehicles.

Seat Systems

Transport Seats are specially designed for effectiveness in vehicles.

Belt Systems

No need to place head or torso inside the car to restrain a prisoner.

Window Armor and Screens

Steel mesh or solid polycarbonate with options to combine both screens.

Door Covers

Easily slide over existing OEM doors and fit perfectly to allow for easy door closure.

Floor Covers

Simple drop in installation, seamlessly cover rear floors with molded floor covers.

Command Board

LEO Command Boards are quickly becoming the standard for Law Enforcement agencies when responding to unfolding critical incidents.


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