For the most part, installing floor covers into your vehicle is a quick and effective process. You are likely pursuing these sort of covers for added safety, a bit more reliability in the vehicle’s interior protection, or added long-term durability. Here are a few of the pros for having floor covers in your vehicle.


Are floor covers chemical resistant?


Depending on the material of the cover, most chemicals are good to go for cleaning. You’ll rarely have any issues with keeping the surface looking almost brand new.


What is a VDrain?


Our vehicle drainage system VDrain is the best route to keep fluids and other debris in the vehicle running efficiently off of the surface. Keeping your interior clean and consistent improves safety a great deal. Especially with strangers or suspects in the vehicle, you don’t want to give any opportunity for leeway between those spaces.


Can I install these myself?


As stated previously, they are extremely simple for install. However, if you do want to ensure they are done with optimal precision, you can consider an auto technician’s input as well. With their added input, you should see your vehicle’s interior running at an optimal level of safety.


Do I need to conduct maintenance?


Maintenance is rarely necessary. Our products are extremely reliable and consistent overall, which offers a long term solution to an issue that may arise considerably more often without them. Periodically, if an extreme event or accident does occur, they may need to be reinstalled, but they will remain effective.


If you have any questions for us about our interior-safety products, give us a call today. We’ll learn more about how your vehicle is operating today, and give you insight on how best to progress forward. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon and getting you started on improving your vehicle’s safety!