Law enforcement vehicles are operated at a high level to maintain civilian and officer safety. Strategic precautions go into every piece of the vehicle, and it’s important to be aware of how they work.


Securing Law Enforcement Vehicles


Door covers provide an extra layer of safety


Door covers can be a major difference-maker when law enforcement is providing the safety of passengers as well as the public. The smooth and flat surface ensures that prisoners within are unable to knock the door ajar by strategic body weight placement or efforts to break through restraints inside of law enforcement vehicles. Some 


Belt systems


Belt systems vary in viability depending on how they affect risk. Some can be extremely effective in restraint, but also put the passenger at risk, and vice versa. The buckle outboard seat system finds the happy medium that provides quality of safety as well as restraint in favor of overseeing law enforcement officers.


Window armor

Window armor uses steel carbon mesh to combine visibility with safety the same way the belt systems need to minimize risk while sustaining effectiveness. Installation is quick and easy, which aids inherent health risks that may arise if the vehicle is submerged in water or in another emergency situation that requires it to be removed.