3P Advantages

System 3P Provides unparalleled SAFETY from the Most Trusted Name in the Industry!

  • Putting taxpayer dollars to effective use is critical to good law enforcement. The advantages of using System 3P become clear as you examine our products and our company.
  • The advantage of System 3P basically boils down to one word…Safety. Unsafe conditions cost law enforcement departments money!

The Reasons to Choose System 3P are Clear

  • Reduced litigation due to liability claims means savings.
  • Improving safety means across the board savings.
  • Efficiency means savings.
  • Ability to resell cars with intact upholstery (when the original seats are replaced) means savings.
  • The cost of the seat is amortized over the life of two or more cars when seats are transferred from old cruisers to new.
  • Our “No Fine-print” 2 & 5 year warranties means no hassles and a superior product.