Prisoner seating is the type of seating commonly used in the backseat of police officer’s vehicles. Prisoner seating is often accompanied by hard plastic seats and metal caging separating the back seat from the front cab of the vehicle. At Laguna 3P, our transport seats are specifically designed for their highest effectiveness in the vehicles they’re used in. Whether you’ll be completely replacing your seats or simply purchasing a seat cover, the Laguna 3P seat system will be the best solution for your safety.

Benefits of prisoner seats:

  • Made from only the strongest vacuum-formed ABS plastic material that won’t crack or wear out
  • Requires simple installation
  • The lining of the seats we make are specifically designed to perfectly fit the contour of the vehicle, leaving no gaps for people to potentially hide any contraband in the back
  • More room means faster load ups of suspects
  • The flat and crevice-free surface of our seats reduces the need to search for hidden contraband or potential evidence
  • Our combination of high-quality materials and design creates a much quicker and safer biohazard clean-up process
  • Our line of seating options is designed to work with our patented Ready Buckle Outboard seat belt system for the highest amount of officer safety possible
  • We work on and make parts for Chevy, Dodge, and Ford

Our facility incorporates the latest technology into our manufacturing process, which in turn creates superior products for our loyal customers. The advantages of getting your prisoner seats from us are that:

  • You’ll have decreased litigation due to less liability claims = savings for you!
  • Improved safety overall
  • Efficiency = even more savings
  • You’ll still be able to resell you car with the upholstery intact
  • If seats are transferred from old vehicles to new ones, the cost of the seat can be amortized over the life of 2+ vehicles
  • You won’t have to deal with any extra hassles due to our “no fine print” 2 and 5 year warranties

If you have any questions or would like to purchase seating from us, please contact us today!