At Laguna 3P, our primary goal is minimizing risk. Officers never again need to place their heads or torso inside the car to restrain a prisoner. The Ready Buckle Outboard Seat System offers a little peace of mind. 

What is the Ready Buckle Outboard Seat System?


Ready Buckle is a patented dual switching mode ELR/ALR retractor seat belt system, mounted to the center top of the rear deck. 


This patented system helps prevent the officer from needing to lean over the prisoner to buckle them into the rear seat.

How Does it Work?


Once the officer buckles the prisoner in, the officer can easily pull the belt back until it ratchets, which will automatically tighten the belt if the prisoner struggles. This minimizes the risk to the officer of being injured and keeping the prisoner secure.


Benefits of our Belt System

  • FMVSS 210 Tested to not only meet but surpass government standard requirements.


  • Ready Buckle is our patented system and the original outboard buckling system for police vehicles with a 17-year proven track record.


  • Retractors and additional parts are made from the highest quality components and designed specifically for use in police vehicles, we do not use off-the-shelf retractors used in many industries.


It’s your duty to protect the men and women out in the field. Make sure to go with the safest seat belt system available. 


Laguna 3P Ready Buckle Retractors can be purchased alone or as part of a system for increased protection.