Ready Buckle

The Creator and Leader of Outboard Buckling Seat Belt Systems for Police Vehicles, The Kisi is the most advanced retractor used in police vehicles for outboard buckling in our industry that our competition just can’t match. We have 20 years of experience designing and selling outboard buckling seat belt systems for police vehicles, Our competition may try look like us but can’t perform even close to us. Your safety and liability is our priority one, we only use premium components for our clients.

What is Ready Buckle?

Laguna continues to prove themselves as the leader in prisoner outboard buckling seatbelt systems for police vehicles and here’s why:

Our patented retractor system uses a dual switching system which allows our seat belts to be used in two ways-

  • 1- When a prisoner is being put in the back of a police vehicle whether they get in quietly or if they put up a fight, our retractors will not lock up on the officer like others so the officer can get the seatbelt locked in then stretch the seatbelt out and release to activate the locking feature that will tighten the prisoner down if he continues to be restless. Laguna made sure they had the most advanced version of retractors made for this application to work with the officer not against him in a struggle with a prisoner; we would never want an officer to not have the ability to seatbelt someone in because the seatbelt is locking up on them while trying to pull the belt out too fast.
  • 2- If a civilian was being driven in the backseat the seatbelt acts as your factory seatbelt would by simply pulling it out and locking it in without having the locking feature on. This way the belt does not tighten them in by any movement other than if the vehicle was an a accident or a very harsh stop.

Please see below for more information about our Ready Buckle system.

June 2013 FMVSS 210 Testing Video
Nearly doubling the standards required.

Ready Buckle is a patented dual switching mode ELR/ALR retractor seat belt system, mounted to the center top of the rear deck. This patented system helps prevent the officer from needing to lean over the prisoner to seat belt them into the rear seat. Once the officer buckles the prisoner in, the officer can easily pull the belt back until it ratchets, which will automatically tighten the belt if the prisoner struggles. This minimizes the risk to the officer of being injured and keeping the prisoner secure.

Unfortunately, there are other companies trying to imitate the patented ready buckle system, but without the proven, documented safety standard testing that Laguna commissions. Laguna is able to furnish you with documents and certified proof of the safety and compliance with regulation that is required for liability protection.

As you will see below we are proud to prove to you that officer safety, prisoner safety and your department liability is our overriding concern. We take no shortcuts when manufacturing our product lines.

Ready Buckle Facts:

  • The Ready Buckle system does not use web sensitive retractors; it only uses “dual switching mode” for easier use
  • The original outboard buckling system for police vehicles
  • A certified seat belt system, not a police strap or lap belt.
  • Laguna furnishes you all parts built and tested for the manner it was designed for; we will never advise you to relocate or reuse OEM parts in a manner not used or indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Road tested for nearly a decade
  • Tested and documented by an approved national research lab for FMVSS 207/209/210
  • Ready Buckle nearly doubled the safety standards in its latest 2013 testings



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