Having the right tools for the job is just as important as knowing how to effectively do the job. Police encounter many hostile situations and need to strategize quickly.

LEO Command Boards provide first responders with the best tactical tool available to quickly and effectively manage an unfolding critical incident with confidence.

What makes the Command Board so Good?

The boards are made with impact-resistant plastic and aluminum making them lightweight, portable, and rugged. We manufacture every board right here in the USA. The boards have magnetic panels within acrylic overlay so that you can easily write and erase, move elements around and keep your markers and other implements attached to the board. It also includes a gooseneck light so the board is visible and easy to read in every lighting condition.

The Leo Command Board is NIMS compliant. It has been tested and evaluated with great results in the field. Every feature was designed by law enforcement for law enforcement, ensuring that you’re more effective and efficient in handling unfolding critical incidents while helping you reduce civil liability. With LEO command boards you too can respond to a critical incident with confidence

How to Setup the Command Board

First, take the mounting strap and place it in the door. Then grab the board and hook it to the D rings. The board is now mounted from there you just open the board and it’s ready to use. This layout is for law enforcement. But we also serve as fire departments military in the security sector. As you can see our layout is simple and it includes the ICS 201.


There is no doubt that command boards are an essential part of any law enforcement agency’s operations. A command board provides a visual display of information that can be used to make quick and informed decisions during an emergency situation. LEO Command Boards are quickly becoming the standard for law enforcement agencies, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional command boards.

One of the biggest advantages of LEO Command Boards is that they are much easier to set up and take down than traditional boards. This is extremely important in an emergency situation, where every second counts. LEO Command Boards also offer a more flexible and customizable layout, which allows agencies to tailor the board to their specific needs.

Another benefit of our LEO boards is that they are much more durable than traditional boards. This is extremely important, as command boards are often used in rough-and-tumble environments. LEO Command Boards are also weather-resistant, which means they can be used in any type of weather.

If your team needs LEO Command Boards or has any questions regarding a LEO command board, give us a call today.